The not-for-profits sector is going through times of unprecedented change.


Organisations in the sector find themselves increasingly subject to changes in the regulatory environment leading them to reconsider their governance arrangements and give increasing attention to professionalising the management team.

Increasingly distinctions between not-for-profit and for-profit organisations are blurring. Entrepreneurs are increasingly drawn to the social enterprise space, and new types of organisational structure such as the Community Interest Company (CIC) are being invented to cater for the interests of the new breed of social entrepreneurs.


The Charity Commission and other regulatory bodies are encouraging charities and other not-for-profits to take strategy formation more serious.


Not-for-profits, just like other organisations, need to keep a close eye on the efficiency of their processes so that they can take maximum advantage of every donor £.


People management in not-for-profits also brings its own challenges. Many not-for-profits depend on the efforts and skills of volunteers, who do not respond to the same management stimuli as salaried staff.


Rupert Merson LLP has experience helping not-for profit organisations with organisational review, strategy formation, executive recruitment and governance.

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