For too many governance is something only big listed companies need to worry about.  But increasingly governance is a concern for other types of business too.  Professional practices, partnerships, not-for-profits and other organisations, public and private, need to worry about changes in the regulatory environment and new codes of conduct.

As they grow and as they professionalise their management, all businesses need to think carefully about how to balance the interests of owners, managers, customers, staff and other stakeholders.  An organisation that takes governance seriously stands a better chance of reducing tensions within and outside the organisation, and gives itself a far better chance of improving communication channels, remuneration strategy, management structures, performance management – and, ultimately, profitability, quality and success.

Multi-stakeholder businesses such as family businesses in particular will benefit from taking governance seriously; at the heart of many successful family businesses is a family constitution – a document governing the family’s relationship with the family and which helps ensure good relationships between family and non-family members of the business, and effective succession from one generation to another.

Rupert Merson LLP partners are experienced at reviewing organisations’ compliance with published governance codes, and preparing organisations for the changes brought by governance as they grow and mature.  Rupert Merson LLP also help organisations implement governance frameworks not just to satisfy regulatory obligations but to help ensure the organisation succeeds.  Private businesses and charities require sensitivity from their advisers as well as experience and knowledge.  Rupert Merson LLP have all three.  Rupert Merson’s new book on governance, Rules are Not Enough, was published in 2010.

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