Strategy formation


For many entrepreneurial businesses, partnerships, family businesses and not for profits strategy is something that has evolved rather than been planned.  But one of the rites of passage all organisations pass as they grow and professionalise their organisation is the recognition that they need to take strategy and its formulation seriously.

When helping clients with strategy, Rupert Merson LLP are experienced at deploying a comprehensive suite of tools to help analyse the commercial and competitive environment, stakeholder concerns, and business opportunities and pressure points.

For many managers and directors ‘strategy’ is a difficult word.  Rupert Merson LLP are used to demystifying ‘strategy’, helping managers and directors understand the different ways of formulating strategy, and helping them identify the right strategic direction for their organisation.

Rupert Merson LLP are not prejudiced in favour of any one approach to strategy formulation, but work with clients to sort out the approach that suits, and then follow it through to implementation.  Rupert Merson LLP are prejudiced in favour of solutions that suit the needs of managers and directors who care passionately about their enterprises.

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